1. How To Care For Leather - 6 Simple Tips

    Did you know our products are 100% high quality leather sourced from Italy and Europe? At N’Damus London we pride ourselves on the production of timeless and durable leather items that our customers will enjoy for years.
    Leather is a durable natural material, which can last a lifetime with the correct care. But do you know how to care for your leather goods? Here are 6 simple tips on how to keep your leather items in good condition.

    1. Handle leather bags with clean hands. Leather readily absorbs grease and oils, which can leave noticeable blemishes on the surface. Nonetheless, blemishes are a part of life. Chalk for life? For oil yes! Crushed chalk can absorb oily blemishes when used quickly. Crush white chalk and sprinkle on the blemish. Leave overnight for more ingrained blemishes, then wipe away the chalk using a clean cotton cloth.

    2. Keep cosmetics inside a pouch. You don’t want to ruin your beautiful leather bag with lip gloss or concealer stains, do you?

    3. Remove stains as soon as you notice them. Organic stains from food, etc can often be removed with chalk powder. Crush white chalk, let it sit on the stain overnight and dust it off with a clean cloth.

    4. Moisturize your bag with a leather conditioner and use a leather-specific protective spray. Just do it. Makes a difference. We love Fiebing’s Carbauba Cream.

    6. Apply a cleaner especially made for leather. Applying specialist soaps and cleaners one or two times a year should keep your leather items nice and clean.

    7. Stuff your unused bag to restore and hold its shape. Store your leather bag in a dust bag or natural-fabric pillowcase. If you’re storing long-term, ease open the buckles and straps so impressions are released.


  2. London from Brighton to London. Thanks Ros & Ray!


    I wanted to post a message to say that my boyfriend and I visited your shop today in Brixton.  I was drawn in by one of the beautiful pink saddle bags in the window.  I then moved onto the beautiful colourful satchel bags but eventually ended up walking out with my purchase of the gorgeous Smooth Noir Bag and my boyfriend bought a CD, Dego in Brooklyn - Dirty Old Music Chapter 1. 

    I absolutely love the bag.  I have been onto your website twice today, once before my purchase and am on it again now I am home.  I can see the actual bag in the picture of your shop which is now sitting pretty in my home.  It is lovely, and I really appreciate the smell of real leather.  I love love love bags!  Another one for my collection.

    We were served by your new girl, Olivia, who was very polite, helpful and lovely.  Just wanted to say thank you to Olivia and ensure that you are aware that she is a good member of your team.

    Thanks again, I shall visit when I go back to Brixton.  Until then, I will enjoy my lovely bag. :o)  The CD is good too!

    From Ros & Ray in Brighton.x

  3. "Travelling with Gregory Porter"

    This week we had the pleasure of presenting Gregory Porter with the travel bag of his chosen colour.



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  4. "Musicians & Drumsticks"

    Yesterday we saw the AMAZING Gregory Porter & band at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London. Ooooh they are good. Amazingly brilliant in fact.

    We decided to make a leather drumstick case for drummer Emanuel Harrold. Emanuel, we salute you and your style :)

    @I_GregoryPorter #gregoryporter # emanuelharrold #ndamuslondon #music #drumsticks #drummer @ndamuslondon

  5. 'Man bag' alert!

    We’ve just finished producing our first leather travel bag. It’s for men and women and this guy rocks it well. More coming soon…

    #holdall #travelbag #messengerbag #ndamuslondon #style


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  7. N’Damus in Paris for Fashion week courtesy of Julia Yule, Glamour Magazine’s Executive Fashion & Beauty Director carrying our ‘Lime’ saddle bag in style.

    @Julia_Yule @GlamourMagUK @NDamusLondon